Wrath of Nature: Australian Bush Fire

Lately Australia has been facing one of the greatest bush fires in its recorded history. This has led to loss of human life and wild life, the latter has suffered much more. This bushfire succeeded the drought that Australia faced this year. This drought build a perfect ground for bushfire to propagate and cause the damage that it has caused.

Australian Bush Fire

For those who don’t know this is summer time in Australia. While the European countries and most of North America and Asia consider this period as winter this might come shocking to you. This difference in seasons is because of natural orientation of earth. The earth is tilted at its poles. Around this time of the year the southern pole gets more exposure to the sun and northern pole gets lesser exposure of sun.

The Untold Truth About “Gold Rush” Star Parker Schnabel

At 16 years old, Parker Schnabel became an international “Gold Rush” star. Despite his amazing success, Parker has dealt with many challenges in his young life, including a broken heart.

Park & Ashley

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A Full-Time Job

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