Six amazing places to visit in Brazil

Brazil is synonymous with amazon and amazon rain forest which are known as lungs of the planet. Many parts of the amazon rain forest are yet untouched by the presence of mankind. This makes Brazil a perfect destination for wildlife and nature lovers.

Being the biggest country in south america it has many tourist attraction which can leave speechless. As Brazil is not a developed country many travel agencies don’t bother much to put these destination on top. However, if you are looking for a trip to Brazil than you we will know whatever there is.

1.The Amazon River

The amazon is second longest river in the world. It is the lifeline of amazon rain forests. Not just that, amazon river is home to many rare animals that live in it and near its shores. One of the rare and beautiful animals that live in amazon river are pink dolphin, piranhas and other kinds of incredible sea creatures. 

5 ways to stay fit while on vacation

It can be really tricky even for a health freak while they are on vacations. This is because you have to eat whatsoever is readily available and gyms might not be available to your and even if they are accessible your schedule might not allow to go their and work out. Understanding these constraints we have a short of things that you can do while traveling which can keep you healthy and fit while you are on the move.


Running comes first on our list as you need not have any special gear to get started with. Running will help you to kick start your day with a flare. In addition to the health benefits you would be above to go in the street and experience the whole place.

Running have numerous health benefits. It elevates your mood, burns fat, prevent blood pressure and oxygenates each and every cell of your body. The fun part is you can run irrespective of the roads condition.

How to make time for travel despite a busy schedule

The world of full of unexplored beauty. There are so many cities, beaches, forests, mountains and much more. Each place has it’s own beauty and this is what makes travelling so much desirable for people of all ages and gender. It is travelling only which helped humans to spread throughout the world and this in return helped humans to survive for such a log period of time.

However it is not we the normal working class can do full time while their are some fortunate people who get to fulfill their desire of travelling the world. Our adult responsibilities and work that we do to ensure our livelihood don’t go out and enjoy traveling.

This made us thing is there something that we can do and travel our hearts out and tick off all the destinations from our wonder list and the same ways we have brought back to you.

How to save money while traveling Europe

A trip to Europe might sound interesting but it’s surely going to put hole in your pocket. If you want to make sure that you don’t dry up your savings of hundreds or thousands of dollar within a matter of days and be more sad than being happy about your trip to the Europe. We want you to have an awesome time at Europe without breaking a bank. We have came up with a list of few things that you can do which will give you bang for your buck and you would be able to have an exotic vacation in Europe. 

How to meet locals wherever you go?

Most of us love heading onto vacation, or even taking time away from the office to travel across the world. But what about if you want to go through the area through the eyes of someone who lives there? Thankfully, there are some ways that you can meet locals wherever you go.

Talk to people

This might be at the hotels you are utilizing, if out and about at the local markets, or just about anywhere you go on your travels.

A few folks may not want to be disturbed, but asking questions or even chatting about local experiences might be the ideal way to meet individuals as well as learn about all of the hidden miracles in the area that only citizens understand. Getting approachable and friendly is a sure-fire way to meet locals wherever you go.

If you do it right, then you will make a bunch of new friends and memories. Befriending locals is very rewarding as they have full knowledge about what are the best places you can explore in the surroundings.