Royal nannies spill the beans on what it’s like to work for the Royal Family

We all want to know what life is really like for the Royal Family, but very few people actually know the truth. Among those lucky individuals are the Palace staff, who work closely with the family. In particular, the Royal nannies spend a whole lot of time watching over the Royal children, so they have a better understanding than nearly anyone else about what goes on behind the scenes.

As caretakers for the Royal children, the nannies live in the Palace and go everywhere with the family. They get an inside look into the daily lives of the most famous family in the world, but they have to keep almost everything a secret.

That being said, there are some things that the Royal nannies have revealed about what it’s like to work for the Royals. It might seem like a dream come true to fly around the world and rub shoulders with global leaders and royalty on a daily basis, but it’s not always easy. This is what it’s like to work for the Royal Family, according to the nannies.

Caring for Royal children is tough

For any parent, finding the perfect nanny can be a challenging task. Parents want to find someone who fits well with their children, who is kind but also a good disciplinarian, and who they trust to keep their little ones safe and happy.

When you’re a member of the Royal Family, you can truly have your pick of nanny, so the women watching the Royal children are usually the best of the best. Watching over the young Royals might be rewarding, but it’s not an easy job, and it’s full of its share of drama.

People Who Followed Instructions Way Too Literally

Though it’s easy to presume that we dwell in a universe filled with troublemakers, it appears like we are living in a world that is also filled with folks who like to adhere to the principles. Yes, these people today want to stick to these rules, so they followed these directions a bit too literally.

Come here, curb

Everybody wants a hug sometimes, correct? Even people that have the toughest of hearts may enjoy a fantastic old fashioned once in a while, mainly whenever you’re saying goodbye to them.

This suppresses clearly in need of some tender loving attention if this individual had to put them, and we do not blame it. Life can be lonely once you control, and at times the tiniest literal directions can make your daily life.

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Maria Sharapova (Tennis)

Tennis players tend to have great legs, and this gorgeous short-skirt piece short features Sharapova’s nicely. One of the greatest female players of all time, Sharapova could easily have been a model.

Engaging and hilarious halloween costumes

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