Most common mistakes of share market

Everyone starts investing in share market to earn profit but most of them end up with losing their money. Share market is a game of intellignce and risk. If a person is not able to measure the risk factor or not willing to take the risk then there is no place […]

BSE Sensex – Meaning and Constituents

Meaning of BSE Sensex: Introduced in 1986, BSE Sensex is one of the prominent stock market indexes in India. Sensex is the sensitivity index of Bombay stock exchange. It composed of 30 companies that belong to 11 various industries. These are the well established, reputed and highly traded companies in India. Constituents […]

How is Sensex calculated?

  Many of us want to know that how is Sensex calculated? This article is written for the purpose of answering the same question. Earlier Sensex was calculated based on full market capitalization. But since September 1, 2003 this index has been calculating on the basis of free float market capitalization […]