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Life insurance – How much premium you should pay?

Many of us think that every human being on this planet should cover his/ her life by insurance. I personally don’t think so. The reason is that if you think your life insurance won’t be fruitful for you then why should you waste your money on investing such a thing. The amount of insurance paid […]

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Do you really need a life insurance policy?

Once I heard a sales person saying that – “Everyone should have at least two or three life insurance policy purchased on his name”. Then a question came into my mind that should we really buy a life insurance to cover our life or it was just a trick that salesman was using to sell […]

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Which type of life insurance policy should you opt for?

Once a friend of mine asked me that which type of life insurance policy should he choose, for covering his life? I told him that there are various types of life insurance policies in the market and he should opt for a suitable policy which provides maximum benefit to him. I started telling him that […]

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